10 Mindsets that are Stopping You

These are the mindsets that are stopping you from becoming a savvy consumer and super saver 1. Everything works out The easiest of all cop outs is the “Everything will work out” excuses. Happy endings in all parts of life do come but most of the time these endings only take place when being worked […]

BBFYB Fast-Casual Burgers under $8

Best cheeseburger you can get for under $8. The Habit  $4.05 The Santa Barbara-based burger shop that has taken So Cal by storm has a medium-sized menu from fancy salads to battered onion rings. The Habits Charburger is a 260-gram patty with caramelized onions, crisp lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mayo. The Habits Cheeseburger comes as […]

8 Reasons You Are Already Behind

Debt Imagine taking two big steps, now take three steps back. This can be what it feels like to live with debt. I’m sure you have heard the first step to financial freedom is to pay off your debt. Or you have heard to use your debt. However, to keep your life and financials simple […]