Remember the days when $200 was a lot for your barely existent bank account? I can recall the day my mom took me to the bank to set up my very own checking account with a debit card and even a credit card. Surprisingly, I didn’t have a cliche shopping spree that unsewed into overdraft fee’s, monthly interest payments, or tears. Instead, I observed my account with patient eyes. I was learning the ways of the banking system and the hidden corners of fees and charges.

After years of diving into personal finance and my own monthly expenses my small obsession grew into an inspiring hobby. There are hundreds of ways to get rich but there are millions of ways to become broke.

Who We Are

Today, my short term habits have turned into a lifestyle, and my money has become my sacred pirate treasure. To be clear, I am not stating that I have the six-digit paychecks or the beachfront property, far from it. But I have a passion that has stayed with me through my adult years of being a conscious consumer and getting the biggest bang out of my buck.

Our mission is to find the most satisfying purchase for your daily life. One of the worst feelings is getting bamboozled and scammed and we are here to decrease that possibility. Because the worst feeling is buying something and feeling regret, let’s make that regret never happen.

Billions of dollars are put to work to make you, a savvy consumer, spend your money on the wrong things. Thats where we come in.