BBFYB Fast-Casual Burgers under $8

Best cheeseburger you can get for under $8.

The Habit  $4.05

The Santa Barbara-based burger shop that has taken So Cal by storm has a medium-sized menu from fancy salads to battered onion rings. The Habits Charburger is a 260-gram patty with caramelized onions, crisp lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mayo. The Habits Cheeseburger comes as American Cheese and White American Cheese. The Burger patty is fresh and never frozen made with 100% pure ground beef ingredients that fully comply with all USDA and FDA standards.

In-N-Out  $2.40

Another fresh, never frozen California based patty comes from the famous In-N-Out. At $2.40 this Cheeseburger is a steal but what you will notice is the smaller portion size. In-N-Out has had about the same simple menu since 1948, and that includes the smaller portion sizes. Most hungry men get the double-double, but the single will fill you up. In-N-Out will leave you happy and still feeling decently light since it is a smaller sized burger. The fresh patty is 100% USDA ground chuck and is delivered to locations straight from the patty-making facilities. In-N-Out locations are only added to the map if a patty facility is close by. Add the house-cut fresh French fries that are prepared in 100% sunflower oil for only $1.60 more!

Shake Shack  $5.29

Shake Shack has a unique burger with a sauce that will make your taste buds sore. I would advise being wary of the fries, not only are they costlier than the other options but the crinkle-cut fry is also dry and tastes like an Ora-Ida fry that your mom used to bake in the oven after school. So Shake Shack has an amazing sauce and juicy burger that is formed in house, which is obvious when looking at the misformed shape, but the other unique feature is the half sliced bun. My guess is this is designed to keep all of the juices and flavors inside the patty/bun, but it can also create a soggy bun. The ShakBurger has a unique prioritized blend of freshly ground and 100% all-natural Angus Beef. The restaurant does do its due diligence in keeping out hormones and antibiotics from the meat and uses a non-GMO potato bun. Be prepared to have a larger bill when making your way to Shake Shack.

Five Guys $7.69

Welcome to the world of Five Guys. Peanuts on the floor and pricey burgers to-go. One thing I can give to five guys is that their hand-cut fries are great. The fries are cooked in pure peanut oil and cost a whopping $4.19. The cheeseburger is two freshly grilled 94-gram patties, melted with Kraft cheese in between on a regular toasted bun. Five Guys also uses fresh patties and no freezers. There is a normal range of free toppings to add to the burger if wanted. These cheeseburgers are doubled, and cheesier than the rest but the price does follow. Five Guys does offer a Little Cheeseburger at $5.69 which is still double the price of In-n-Out’s cheeseburger.


The Biggest Bang for your Buck for a fresh cheeseburger from a Fast-Casual restaurant would have to go to the original In-N-Out Burger. The Worst Bang for you Buck is the Five Guys double patty burger which is triple the price. Do you agree with this list? Let us know in the comments your thoughts!

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