Personal Finance

8 Reasons You Are Already Behind

  1. Debt

Imagine taking two big steps, now take three steps back. This can be what it feels like to live with debt. I’m sure you have heard the first step to financial freedom is to pay off your debt. Or you have heard to use your debt. However, to keep your life and financials simple it is best to be debt free as soon as possible. Having debt in the form of credit card payments, car payments, student loan payments and more close more doors then you realize.

2. Spending Habits

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2. No Tracking System

3. Your’e afraid of having a goal

4. Not investing

5. Subscriptions and monthlies

6. Everyone else is working harder

7. “Just going to happen” mentality

8. You’re not asking for more

9. You don’t want to learn

10. Not checking your bank accounts

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